Friday, January 21, 2011

Switched From Plan B

Well, I lost the domain name for my blog, Switch 2 Plan B.

So I have to start all over.

But that’s ok; I’m sort of taking it as a challenge—a phoenix rising from the ashes, born-again hard, I won’t back down...all that sort of stuff.

Still, it raised a few questions, like “Should I keep blogging?” “Is it still worth doing?” “Should I change the theme, or vibe of my blog?” “Do birds have teeth?”

And then of course, I realized, who cares?

So, I’ll be serving up the same dreck as the last blog: War-stories from the fire station, life’s little ironies, most embarrassing moments, disappointments, let-downs, canceled calls, ruminations, strange-but-true anecdotes. Whatever.

Please take a minute and “follow” me.

Welcome back to Day 1.


Rachel said...

YEEHAW! First follower here.

Overachiever, not.

Oh wait... is it bad that I beat WifeMomNurse here? eek!

Glad you're back online. Don't go away again, k?

Pam D said...

Pfffft. You weren't THAT far ahead of me, missy. Just sayin'. I'm ALMOST as good as And Brian, I am honored (for real) to be one of the ones that you contacted once your blog was up and running. :<) You know we luvs you... now, make Plan B count..

Mr. Daddy said...

Glad you are back, you know that I will be a follower. thanks for letting me know. :o)

Foursons said...

Glad you decided to continue with blogging. I still want to know if your archives are gone. Please tell me they're not. Please!

GunDiva said...

WTH? Thought I'd lost you. *Whew*

Unknown said...

So THIS is where you've been hanging out. Thought you'd been snapped up by People magazine for sure.