Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Doctor is In (Reposted from "Switch 2 Plan B")

I’m standing in the middle of the physical therapy gym of the rehabilitation center in downtown Boise.

As I wait for Gary, I watch others hobble in and out. A gray-haired man stares out the window as he slowly pedals nowhere on his stationary bike. Another man—his wife at his side—lies patiently on a padded table as a therapist attends to his ankle, gingerly working the joint back and forth. The elderly and young, sick and injured, all around me are people—crumpled, lame, exhausted.

Outside the huge plate glass window, pedestrians—Plato’s shadows—hurry by, pretending not to see into this brightly lit clinic. They are well-dressed and walk purposefully past.

Back here inside, I notice that even one of the therapists is limping.

And then


in this single moment

the entire universe

comes crashing into view

In here, the broken help the weak
the injured attend to the dying
while we all await our turn
as servant and the served

Every one of us
in need



None of us whole

none of us well

Each of us
on the other.

This is reality

This is how it was always supposed to be,
how it was all ordained:

Christ told us,
then showed us,
feed those who are hungry,
clothe those in need,
visit the sick and imprisoned…

because sooner or later
we will all find ourselves
starving, suffering, alone
in a prison of our own making

are shadows.
An unreal
where we imagine ourselves to be
healthy and happy


Inside is the real world
A community of the vulnerable
The weak and the broken
The tired
and waiting

So welcome to the hospital...

The doctor/
The patient/

Will see you now


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